Sri Chinmoy

 sri-chinmoy1The idea to offer our meditation classes and concerts free of charge to the general public came from our teacher, Sri Chinmoy, who believed that the peace and joy that meditation allows you to tap into is something that is everyone’s birthright. From his arrival in America from India in 1964 to his passing in October 2007, Sri Chinmoy brought the ancient art of meditation to people all over the world through his lectures, concerts of meditative music, and public meditations.

Sri Chinmoy’s philosophy brings together the best of Western and Eastern thought, to enable one to bring the inner tranquility and happiness that one gains from meditation into daily life. In particular, Sri Chinmoy firmly believed that meditation and the the inner strength it brings could be put to use in all fields of human endeavour, from sports to the creative sphere, and he spent his life vividly demonstrating this through his prolific contributions in poetry, art, music and athletics.

Today Sri Chinmoy’s legacy is continued through the Sri Chinmoy Centre, a collection of meditation centres in 40 countries throughout the world. Sri Chinmoy never sought to establish a religion or dogma, but rather a means through which people could embark on a journey of self-discovery through meditation on the heart centre. “In the spiritual life our treasure is the soul.”, Sri Chinmoy writes. “It is only with the help of the soul that we can make the fastest progress in the inner life and we can contact the soul only by meditating on our heart. All paths lead to the Goal, but there is a particular road that will lead us there faster than the other roads. That road is the heart. It is faster, safer and surer than any other road.”

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